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Memory R.P. Master Cloner

This device can program actively by dialing to the phone with R.P. function, or being dialed from guestroom phones. And it can also be used as an ordinary phone.

  • FSK/DTMF caller ID compatible.
  • Full screen display of coming numbers,name,dateand time 
  • 99 caller ID memories,view,delete,call back. 
  • 10 outgoing call memories,view,delete and call back. 
  • 10 permanent one-touch speed dial buttons, 32 digits at most. 
  • Handset and speaker phone volume three step control. 
  • Flash time 100ms-900ms programmable. 
  • 32-digits redial. 
  • Hold and Mute function . 
  • 32-digit pre-dial and amend function . 
  • 5 level LCD contrast adjustable. 
  • Clock and calendar display,automatic talking timing. 
  • Back light