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Jacob Jensen HT60D

HT60D including JACOB JENSEN™ HS20D cordless Handset

The telephone is designed in Denmark by Jacob Jensen, whose products have gained international recognition for their original, simple and classic design. Jacob Jensen™ has received about 100 prizes from around the world and has 19 products included in The Design Study Collection and The Design Collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York. The HT60D has been designed specifically for hotel use. Voice over DECT technologies is employed for clear sound and reliable operation.

  • The Handset can make/answer any calls freely. One Base can work with 1- 4 Handsets.
  • Supports 1.8/1.9GHz, DECT6.0 standards. Also supports WDCT standard. Adopts HF numerical coding technique between Base and Handsets.
  • Handsets can charge rapidly and give low power warning.
  • Eight service keys can be customized to client’s requirements.
  • The volume is adjustable over five levels.
  • Redial button, the last dialed number will disappear in 5 minutes.
  • Hold and Mute
  • Message Waiting Indicator