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Bittel produces phones for hotels of any level. Below we have put together the functional differences of the A, B and C series of our phones:

Bittel А Series

Bittel A-series hotel phones have all the necessary set of hotel functions that, according to the standards of the modern hotel industry, a telephone in a hotel room should have. They are:


Faceplate is a information panel on the facial part of the phone, which is made in the corporate style of the hotel and big enough to accommodate all the information provided by the hotel:

  • Hotel logo
  • Hotel address, phone and e-mail 
  • Codes for dialing (room-to-room, international call, etc.)
  • Icons above the speed dial buttons 
  • Room number
  • Arrow-pointer to the Dataport
  • Arrow-pointer to the Voice Message listening button

Гостиничные телефоны

Reliable material 

There are special requirements for a hotel phone: it must be impact-resistant, and the color of the plastic must remain unchanged throughout its life. Modern ABS plastic fully meets these requirements. All Bittel phones are made of ABS plastic.

Weighted body

In order to prevent the phone from moving and falling off the surface during a conversation, its case is specially weighted. The cord between the handset and the phone case is extended for smooth operation.

Privacy protection 

Regularly, phones store up to 10 last dialed numbers in their memory. Then we speak about hospitality, it could violates the privacy of the guest. Bittel hotel phones protect guest privacy by deleting the last dialed numbers from memory after a certain time. This way, the next guest receives a phone with a fully cleared call history.

Hotel Services Speed Dial Buttons

The Bittel hotel phone has up to 10 speed dial buttons for hotel services. The guest can contact the reception, restaurant, laundry and any other area of the hotel with one click. Above each button there is a special place for placing an international icon, as well as a place for inscriptions in local and English languages.

Телефоны с кнопками быстрого набораAbrasion-resistant numbers on the phone buttons

In a hotel phone, numbers and letters cannot simply be printed on top, as on regular phones. They should be indelible over time. On the buttons of the Bittel phone, numbers and letters are applied in a special way (injected twice). This means that the numbers and letters are poured inside the plastic, so they will never be erased.

Data port for connecting additional devices to a hotel phone

A data port is a special additional connector that is necessary to connect any additional device to the telephone (for example: a hearing aid, fax, and others).

Message Indicator

A PBX with a voice mail function is usually installed in hotels. Therefore, the phone should have a special indicator that will show the guest that he has a voice message. When a message is received, the indicator gives light and sound signals.

The indicator of the presence of a message in the Bittel phone is made in the form of a button. To listen to a voice message, simply click on the indicator that gives the signal. After that, the speakerphone will automatically turn on and a voice message will be played (except for the Bittel Bluemoon model).

Индикатор наличия сообщения

Tray for the cord

Usually the telephone cord is wrapped around the phone case in order to make it look neat. In this case, the cord stretches, twists and loses elasticity. To solve this problem, the Bittel plant has developed a special tray for neatly laying the cord. With the help of this tray, the cord is easily laid along the device, thereby preserving its elasticity and original appearance.

Non-volatile memory of speed dial buttons - EEPROM

In a hotel, it is especially important that the internal numbers programmed to the hotel services' speed dial buttons never disappear from the phone's memory. If this process is controlled using lithium batteries, internal rooms may periodically disappear from memory, which is very difficult to detect by the hotel's technical staff. Therefore, in Bittel hotel phones, the memory of the speed dial buttons is controlled using non-volatile EEPROM technology. This technology guarantees the preservation of internal rooms even during power surges in the hotel.

Bittel B Series

Bittel B Series phones have all the functions of the A series, but also have some of additional functions:

Automatic programming of speed dial buttons

Programming 10 speed dial buttons on each telephone manually is a rather laborious process that takes a lot of working time from the hotel staff. The speed dial buttons of the Bittel hotel phone are programmed remotely, automatically using the Master Cloner device. This technology not only saves staff time, but also eliminates the possibility of entering an erroneous internal number, which is possible with manual programming.

Automatic disconnection of a busy line

If the guest hangs up the phone incorrectly, the phone remains busy and the guest cannot be reached. With the Bittel hotel phone, the guest will not miss an important call, since after a certain time the phone will automatically disconnect the busy line, and the guest can be reached even if the handset is lying incorrectly.

Bittel C Series

Bittel C Series phones have all the functions of the A&B series, but also have some of additional functions:

Dial buttons on the handset

The dial buttons of the C-series models of Bittel phones are located not only on the case, but also on the handset. They have a backlight and a soundtrack. This creates additional comfort for the guest. It is not necessary to return the handset to the base of the phone, just press the on/ off button on it.

Кнопки на трубке телефона для гостиницы